Dear Urban Art Fan,

we are happy to welcome you on UrbanPawArtworks.com.

Urban Paw Artworks is an online gallery offering stencils artworks, prints, stickers and other items from street art artists and at the same time we offer you a blog that will regularly present you with photos of street art we love and inspire you to visit the works yourself sometime. 

We often encounter beautiful little jewels out there that we can admire for a moment, while they disappear again some time later.

This transience is what makes street art. But maybe you feel the same way we do – you miss these works of art despite this realization.

How nice would it be if you could stop the moment and hang an original work of art or a high-quality print by the artist in your living room?

We would like to offer you this possibility here. The shop is still developing, but you can already get some exclusive works. Take a look:


Artwork by How And Nosm in Berlin, Neheimer Street [Website] 

Artwork by Chica Dania in Bogotá, Avenida De Las Américas [Website]  

What distinguishes us

We don’t love to sell you something, we sell you something we love. Our goal is to inspire you! This starts with our services, such as free delivery within Germany from an order value of 100 EUR, comprehensive advice and short response times to your emails.

With our sturdy packaging and fast processing, we ensure that your artwork arrives undamaged and quickly. Details about shipping & delivery you will find here.

You have special wishes?
Just come to us, we will be happy to help you.

Virtual street art tours

We love street art!

On our travels through many metropolises we have discovered many legendary murals and hidden gems that we do not want to deprive you of. In the future we will provide you with routes to our favorite artworks for different cities. So you have directly a source of inspiration when you visit these cities. Be curious 🙂

Maps provided by © OpenStreetMap contributors  

Artwork by Chanoir in Bogotá, Avenida De Las Americas [Website] 


You are an artist yourself and want to sell your works on our platform? Send us photos of your work and we will get back to you.

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